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We now hold another 6 DVDs of In Bed & Still In Bed With MeDinner thanks to the hard work of Ryan Trant & his mate Paul Cassedy.

DVD In Bed With Medinner
DVD Still In Bed With Medinner
In Bed With Medinner
DVD 02
Chris Serles Checkout / Hasil Adkins
Too Handsome to Live / Dirty Dancer
Chemical Dump / London Bridge Diets
Chakra Healer / Naked American Bust
Miss Anglia 1979 / Kevin The Ladykiller
DVD 03
Jessico The Dancing Outlaw Jonny Rubbish
The Bear Suit
Quit Smoking
Egyptians Airlines
Grand Theft Pants
DVD 04
Disco Dancing Championships
Drug Sniffing Dog
My Punk Son / Hundred Dollar Clothes
Rubbish Kid Magician / Crap Psychic Phoneline
Speeding Ticket / Gypsy Camp
The Guy Who Erects Crosses
DVD 01
Pet psychic / Police Dog
Dance For Jesus / Middlesboro Cops
Christmas Time Coppers / 'Fell Out Of A Plane'
Ice Cream Wars / Big Cat Chasers
In School / Bus Driver Magic

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This is our collection of episodes so far, which we have been gathering since launching
the site in 2008. They have all been converted onto DVD format as this is more secure, as video is far to easily damaged.
The Best Of..
Paul Sykes
The Knockers
Convenient Sticks
Job Job, No Job
Nigel / The Estate
Queen Gloria / On The Roof
Bob The Liar
Greatest Sales Woman
Damp In My Passage
and more......
In Bed With Medinner DVDs
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The Best Of..
In Bed With..
Still In Bed..
World Cup  Heroes & Villains
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In Bed With Medinner DVDs
DVD 05
Information Center
Cocky Boy
Nigel On You Bet
Interview With Bumble Bee Burglar
Nigel With PC Dick
Blinkey Man & Woman
Drugs Bust Flat
EMI World Disco Chpshps
How To Stay Alive
Hey Neighbour
Kerb Crawler
Footy Supporter Takes A Leak
Channel Tunnel
Henley Reggata
DVD 08
Sign Thief
Basildon Youths
Pet Shop Fire
Vinny & Bobby
Money Is Mine
Dodo Woman
Italian Stallion
Essex FM Robby & Peter
Police Academy
Bodmin Cat
Jonny Kingdom
Horse Castration
Billy Roberts
DVD 09
Paramedics Round-A-Bout
Head Wound Gary
Church Girls
Shop Refund
Live Opening Natwest
Secret Gulls
Staying Alive Maggie Makepeace
Thames Side Apartments
Teacher In Trouble
Nicked My Bike
Ghost Files
Gangs In Herts
Penny Smith Rioters
Knife Fight 2nd Hardest Man
DVD 10
Mad As Hell Russo
Mr Jenkins At Bobs Old School
James Bond The Chef
Gary Hits Side Of Van
Mike Bradford Hands On Healer
Baby Spice Shoes
A Little Vibration
London Bridge
What Ever Happened To Somalia
Franchesca Clairvoyant
DVD 06
James Alexander Measures
Ken Keatings Son
Mps Enlightentenment
His Banner Offer Us Love
Banana Queer
Staying Alive With Colin Welland
Anya Sitaram On Bondage
120 Proof Drunk
Please Please Spirit Guide
John Starky Animal Medium
Major The Police Dog
Brentwood Genius
DVD 07
Lisa Stansfield
Sarah Brightman
Danny Baker
Drunks In The Snow
Miss TV Times
Hey Neighbour
Drunks With Knifes
Bread Stick Weapon
Upset Outside Pub
Vice Police
Ron Hubbard
Eye Out Drunk
Chris Searle
Sean asleep